SDHC Secure Digital High Capacity Cards

The SD High-Capacity (SDHC) card developed following SD Cards (Standard) provides more removable storage power than ever before. With a capacity range starting at 4GB ranging up to 32GB, SDHC are available in 3 write speeds Class 2, 4 & 6 (2 Mb per second, 4 and 6 respectively).

The SD Association established a new specification rating for the minimum data transfer for standard and high-capacity cards, as well as equipment due to the data capacity.

SDHC cards are available as follows

SDHC 4GB Class 2,4 & 6
SDHC 8GB Class 2,4 & 6
SDHC 16GB Class 2,4 & 6
SDHC 32GB Class 2,4 & 6

The SDHC card, already a market leader in the digital camera marketplace, preserves photographic integrity and raises the memory performance bar by guaranteeing minimum more important than maximum performance rates. This large capacity is essential for use with a variety of digital content types especially with high-quality video camera's enabling seamless use of SDHC card to record video footage and transfer directly.


SDHC Specifications

Is my equipment compatible ?

Other equipment which can also use SDHC include PDA's, Satellite Navigation Systems, photo printers, card readers, video cameras and other devices are also equipped for SDHC guaranteed transfer rates, demonstrating the trend toward SDHC memory card leadership.

You should check your device using a site which offers compatibility check or refer to your manufactures manual older devices using standard SD cards may not be compatible with SDHC cards, this will result in an error as the file format FAT32 will not be understood by a FAT16 Standard SD.

SDHC compatible products can however accommodate SD standard memory cards and are backward compatible. Data on SDHC cards is protected even if inserted in an incompatible device. SDHC cards also work in standard SD slots with a firmware upgrade, if a firmware upgrade is not available, the card will show card error or may not work at all in your device.

Recommended sites for checking you device for compatibility :- - Memory Compatibility checker.

More recommended sites :-

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